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Hello! This is my website for all of the graphics that I've collected throughout my travels on the world wide web, and some things I've learned along the way... whether you're here for some virtual decorations for a project, inspiration, here to satiate curiosity (or boredom) or just here simply to marvel at the unique beauty, cuteness & charm of these GIFs, there's a place here for everybody!
June 14, 2022: Opened the Summer Mini Backgrounds collection, reformatted all sections there & updated Green and Blue sections.
June 12, 2022: Opened the Spring Mini Backgrounds pages!

See full log of updates here

News: While organizing my entire collection for hosting on a hard disk, 3,500 of my graphics were subject to corruption. I was able to salvage about 600 of them, thankfully it was only limited to my dividers, text and bullets... The only thing I can do now is work on filling up that empty space again, I suppose... ^^; (June 3, 2022)