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June 14, 2022: Began & completed the Summer section of my Mini Backgrounds collection, as well as reformatted all sections there to contain 49 .GIFs per page & updated Green and Blue sections.
June 12, 2022: Began & completed the Spring section of my Mini Backgrounds collection!
June 11, 2022: Finally got around to organising, configuring and uploading 327 graphics to create and complete all the color-coded parts of the Mini Backgrounds section!
May 8, 2022: First proper page of the site is up (finally!)
April 28, 2022: I awake once again... to play with CSS again and format the Mini page of the Backgrounds section! I should start using math more to evenly space things, rather than just intuition...
January 14, 2022: Played with CSS and created this page - learned about CSS text decoration & link styling.
January 3, 2022: Happy new year! Named, sorted and organized over 3,500 files to be uploaded and showcased here; put down the basic headings for navigation on home page.
December 26, 2021: Website development begins! Hello, world!